P1: Impact of COVID19 on Vulnerable Population: Role of Social Support

Rowena Bermundo, Roseman University of Health Sciences
Marife Aczon-Armstrong, Roseman University of Health Sciences

P2: Characteristics of Individuals with Oral HPV Positive Results

Val Cheever, Roseman University of Health Sciences
Eric Hon, University of Chicago
Andrew J. Gross, University of Tennesee
Man Hung, Roseman University of Health Sciences

P4: Utilizing the Theory of Planned Behavior to determine the intentions to receive the influenza vaccine during COVID-19: A cross-sectional survey of US adults

Stefanie Nguyen

P5: COVID-19 Vaccine: Technology Platform, Efficacy and Immune Protection


P6: Predictors of compliance with COVID-19 related non- pharmaceutical interventions amongst university students

Spencer G. Shumway, Brigham Young University
Ethan R. Tolman, Brigham Young University
Jonas D. Hopper, Brigham Young University
David Patterson, Brigham Young University
Gabriella Hubble, Brigham Young University
Jamie L. Jensen Dr., Brigham Young University

P7: Impact of Medicare Call Center During a Pandemic

Linzie M. Roberts
Cassandra Lytle

P8: Scale validation of mental health outcomes in college students

Rex Beazer

P13: Demographic Characteristics Of HPV Infections and Reporting Among Women In The United States

Jake Tuft

P14: Emerging Role of Pharmacists in Treatment and Vaccination for COVID-19

Dwaynie Bacon Jr
Man Ha
Dr. Mandal

P15: Vaccine Hesitancy or Acceptance in High School Students

Sohini Mandal